TIBCO SpotfireSmart and fast analytics

TIBCO Spotfire is an analytical, flexible and easy-to-use platform for rapid visual research and predictive analysis for making optimal management decisions.

Spotfire is a global leader in Business Intelligence (BI), with a flexible and simple platform that is managed by a business user for information research and analysis. The system is used for publishing interactive, visual control panels, predictive analysis, business modeling and revealing hidden patterns, complex, advanced big Data analysis from multiple sources, geospatial analysis and solving many other business problems.

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics provides users with the opportunity to freely explore their data from different repositories and instantly visualize, compare data, interact and exchange data at any level of detail, without the participation of IT specialists in the development of models and visualization templates. Spotfire helps users find answers to urgent questions that they didn’t even know existed and predict future events. Using Spotfire, you can anticipate most new trends and take preventative measures before anyone else finds out about them, which makes it possible to achieve a competitive advantage.

Data Exploration and Visualization

Instantly visualize and share data, interact to identify hidden opportunities and risks that no one can see.

Dashboards and Analytical Apps

Discover and share ideas and knowledge with everyone, encouraging employees to gain a deeper understanding of the business.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Close collaboration to accelerate the adoption of more informed and transparent decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Predict the development of events and instantly determine your next actions to increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.

Location Analytics

Use location-based user experience in e-commerce and analytics applications to help potential customers solve complex tasks quickly and instinctively, such as booking a hotel room, checking inventory levels or finding the nearest store.

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