SAP IQEnhance in-the-moment decision-making with SAP IQ,

Platform for data storing and business analysis systems based on a generational storage architecture, thanks to which your tasks are solved quickly and efficiently.

Get maximum speed, power and security by supporting large-scale enterprise data warehouses and Big data analytics with this affordable and efficient Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for SAP Business Technology Platform.


  • The verified server of columnar relational databases
  • Complies with SQL standards
  • Designed for analytical workloads on large datasets

Key Capabilities

High-speed data loading

Provide quick access to big data applications and people for prompt decision-making.

Column-store compression

Reduce storage volumes by more than 70% to reduce storage costs and increase productivity.


Provide users with access to data and analytics thanks to the ability to process petabyte volumes of data.

Cloud-ready, flexible deployment

Expand and modernize existing investments in Sybase offerings by using SAP IQ as a fully managed cloud service or IaaS from large hyperscales.

Streamline IT administration tasks

Store and request more data at a lower cost — regardless of whether you have terabytes or petabytes of data, and reduce your IT workloads.

Corporate-wide analytics

Manage and analyze data from all over your business and social sites, creating special reports based on real-time data to get more information.

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